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Re: digital camera Q

On Tuesday 24 October 2006 07:31, Dotan Cohen wrote:

>Gene, have you tried accessing the thing as a mass storage unit, like
>a disk on key? I've connected an A-series Canon camera (A20 I think)
>this way. And I've never had problems with the S2 that I connect
>Also, my Fuji 5500 I connect as a mass storage device. KDE just
>recognises it and I use konqi to copy the files.
>Dotan Cohen

It wouldn't mount, although I didn't try other filesystems, I was specing 
vfat in the mount.  Humm, hindsight, maybe I shoulda let mount figure it 
out? In any event, the camera went home last night after I looked like an 
idiot with my all linux attitude :(

Cheers, Gene
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