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Re: Mirror Download sites

norm writes:

> Apart from investigating each site it is in some cases a challenge to
> find the nearest download site.  If the site has the name of a
> university in the address it is relatively easy to determine the
> general area of the server but for sites with other names it is more of
> a challenge to determine the location.  Probably the quickest and
> simplest way to determine the mirror site closest is if there was a map
> indicating the approximate locations.  Has anyone gone to the trouble
> of creating such a map or a form with the web address and the city  the
> server is located in.
> Norm
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You could try whois or traceroute. whois will give you the
registered address of the people who run the server and
traceroute will tell you how many "hops" and time for each hop
between your pc and the server. I use both from time to time to
see who is hammering my firewall from time to time. Any one who
is constantly hammering I ping for an hour or two to let them
know I’m watching them!

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