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Re: FYI: Workaround for today's FC5 baseurl/mirrorlist problems

On 10/25/06, Tom Rivers <tom impact-crater com> wrote:
Joshua Andrews wrote:
> The point is; was this a symptom of some catastrophic system failure
> or an executive decision?  If the latter, as I suspect, then one
> person writing a few lines could have saved many thousands of people a
> whole lot of needless bullshit!
Hey Joshua,

With all due respect, I think there are two things that are important to
keep in mind here.  First, we are all using a Linux distribution that is
meant for people who don't mind editing a few text files when
necessary.  If this were something you paid for that was touted as a
smooth experience for the uninitiated Linux user, then your angst would
be more understandable.  Second, some have gone out of their way to help
community users like you and me so that the answer to this problem is
easy to implement.  In the interest of acknowledging the sheer volume of
consistently high-quality volunteer efforts of many in this community, I
suggest that a better response might be, "Thanks for providing the
information that solves this issue in a timely fashion."  ;)


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Well said Tom.  It's frustrating for any of us.  We all want this to
work smoothly.  When things don't go smoothly the issue is generally
resolved quickly.   For the record I can't take any credit for any
development of FC5 or applications - my contributions are limited to
postings to this list.  In this case providing a script for people
(like Andrew perhaps) who may not feel comfortable having to manually
edit the files (or seek an automated fix).  Small contribution
compared to the development team.  But my small contribution back for
the many more benefits I've derived from this list.

Jacques B.

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