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Re: Question regarding the torrent for FC6

Amadeus W. M. <amadeus84 <at> verizon.net> writes:
> I tried torrent too, in good faith, and because traditionally mirrors
> are slow during releases. I noticed similar things: I had an upload
> speed of 20Kb/s and 15-19Kb/s download. 
> So after a while I thought I'd try the always reliable kernel.org, and lo
> and behold, I got the entire dvd at some 700Kb/s, in 1-2 hrs.
> Torrent is a good initiative. If only it worked. Most people have
> cable/dsl connections, and their upload speed is some 20-30Kb/s. That
> means you would have to be downloading from about 20-30 people
> simultaneously to get the equivalent of 600Kb/s (and be the only one
> downloading from those people). I'm not sure this is feasible.
> Get it from mirrors.kernel.org, burn it, install it, and be done with it.

I was getting slow downloads through BitTorrent when FC6 was first released. 
The problem is that in the beginning only a handful of people had gotten
everything and were seeds.  Last night, the downloaded finished much faster as
many more people became seeds.  As long as the seeds stay around, downloads
should be much faster.

It would help if a few mirror sites with good bandwidth and full copies joined
as seeds.  That would let the first people finish faster and become seeds for
everybody else.  It would also help if people who downloaded from mirrors (like
I ended up doing) would join as seeds.

 - Ian

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