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Re: Torrent question

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Thursday 26 October 2006 17:32, John Bowden wrote:
Anne Wilson writes:
I completed the DVD download yesterday and have been seeding since then.
Azureus, though tells me that the Ratio is bad, at 0.376 (< 0.5).  What
does this mean?

It means you are downloading much more than you are sharing. if
that figure is for the fedora dl then it means the fedara
download has not up loadded much yet.

The problem is that I'm seeing two different ratio figures. One says 0.903, which makes sense to me. I finished the download yesterday and I'm still uploading, but take-up is well below the limit I set - less than half. I've still only uploaded 2.7GB.

On the status line, though, is a red light, saying that the ratio is now 0.392. This is the one I was asking about, as it makes no sense.


Azureus has got all kinds of statistics. There's your overall share ratio, this session share ratio, and per-torrent share ratios.

Double-click on the Ratio button on the status bar or go to
Tools | Statistics | Transfers tab to see more ratio info.


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