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Re: yum upgrade FC5->FC6 issues (Jim Cornette)

Leonid Flaks wrote:

I think the reason for this problem with libsepol is the version number. FC5 has (after all updates) version 1.12.28-1.fc5. FC6 has version 1.12.27-1 both for libsepol and libsepol-devel. Here is my situation. I was doing yum upgrade FC5->FC6. FC5 had libselinux-devel installed. New libselinux-devel requires lisepol-devel. The version of this package on FC6 requires in turn libsepol version 1.12.27-1, but I have libsepol 1.12.28-1.fc5 already and it was not going to be upgraded to a lower version number.

This makes sense to me. Also since I did not have any version of libsepol-devel installed, removing only the database entry and installing libsepol via yum afterwards did not show that error.

So yum is confused and we have dependency issue. In my case I removed lidsepol package from FC5 with --nodeps option, copied the file /lib/libsepol.so.1 back from another system and then did yum upgrade.

Removing only the db entry with --justdb and --nodeps would have saved you the problem with copying from another system. Your packages should still be there until the "re-install" and continued upgrade.

It would have been easier to just save a copy of the file somewhere on the
system, but it was too late at that point. Looks like the version of libsepol and libsepol-devel should be changed to something higher
then version on FC5 to avoid this confusion.

I agree that the version number in FC6 should be newer than the latest in FC5. At least three of us know that now.

Did anyone checked bugzilla on that? Searching for fc - version6 -
libsepol turned  nothing.

Nope! Just worked around the problem, then moved on. Since FC5 to FC6 upgrades via yum are not supported, we would not have much weight.

I am going to do an anaconda upgrade from FC5 updated to the latest versions to FC6 and see what happens. If the newer version in FC5 but older version in FC6 causes problems, I will file a bug report then.

Hope that note will help somebody.

Thanks! It helps me understand the problem somewhat better. It is helpful that you noticed the version conflict.



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