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Re: FC5 -> FC6 my experience

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 7:43 PM +0100 10/27/06, Ian Malone wrote:
Andy Green wrote:

 First move for SELinux grief nowadays should be

touch /.autorelabel

and reboot.

Wonderful (especially given that it breaks so many things,
the above often doesn't work and it seems to have no
apparent use for people who don't actually run services on
their machine).

Gee, relabeling hasn't broken anything for me.  It's solved the problem
just abuot every time I thought it could have.  It's lots faster than
trying to get a solution from the list, which often -- even from the
authors -- is to relabel.

Ah, sorry, I meant SELinux breaks so many things and
relabelling never fixed for me the things that broke.
I get away with running SELinux by manually doing
chcon on the things that break.  I've gone through
several yum updates now without further problems,
although I have no idea whether that's because things
were fixed or my manual adjustments are still in


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