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Re: tty oddness since upgrade to Fedora Core 6

Eric Mader wrote:
Elaine Normandy wrote:
Yesterday, I upgraded my desktop to Fedora Core 6: an upgrade, not a clean install. Since then, when rebooting, I find that at the end of the boot sequence I am looking at one of the text tty's, not the gdm screen. I can get to the gdm screen by pressing Alt-F7. Is there a way that I can boot directly to the gdm screen. I am in runlevel 5, and Xorg and gdm are running, I just don't see them until I hit Alt-F7.

I'm seeing the same thing. I just booted today and ended up in the gdm screen. I though perhaps one of the updates I installed yesterday fixed the problem, so I tried rebooting a couple of times to see if the problem really was fixed. The next time I also got the gdm screen. The third time, I got tty1. Perhaps it's some sort of a timing problem?

rhgb in rawhide got a update to quit before gdm starts since that results in VT switches.


I have added a comment to push a update for FC6 too. To confirm this try disabling rhgb by removing the option in /etc/grub.conf.


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