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Re: Fedora Core 6 ROCKS ! Salute to the developers !

Dotan Cohen wrote:

Good to know, Kim. I've been debating FC6 / Edgy Effy, and I think you
just made the decision for me. Thanks!

Just a FYI, the grass is seldom greener on the other side


Few years ago I also thought to look away from Fedora, at that time to SuSE. Lo, their forums were full of wailing and weeping worse than the Fedora ml at that time. I realized RHAT is a shining beacon of Linux goodness, despite any momentary shortcomings and buzz, so much solid engineering work can't be ignored. Something a new set of people will have a chance to learn all over again with Oracle!

Open Source Weblog
97% of Red Hat customers would remain loyal
October 27, 2006

You’ve probably seen mention of CIO Insight Vendor Value survey since Oracle announced plans to undercut Red Hat and criticized the support it provides its customers with. As Matt Asay mentions here, Kevin Carmony here, and Dave Dargo here, Red Hat ranked number one for vendor value two years running, while Oracle placed 39 in 2005, down from 28 in 2004. Taking a look at the research I came across a couple more statistics that will make happy reading for the shareholders that bought rather than sold Red Hat shares on Thursday.

Red Hat also ranked highest based on the percentage of ‘excellent’ ratings, with 30.4%, while Oracle was the second worst vendor based on the percentage of ‘poor’ ratings, with 16.9%. All of which undermines Oracle’s argument about providing better support, somewhat. The really significant statistic, in the context of Oracle’s Unbreakable Linux announcement, is as follows:

Asked if they would continue to do business with their vendor if they had a choice, 97.0% of Red Hat customers answered ‘yes’, the highest percentage of any vendor. In contrast 25.9% of Oracle’s customers said ‘no’, making it the ninth most likely to lose customers.



26% of "proprietary software vendor" Oracle users would take any viable alternative than Oracle... 3% for RHAT...


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