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Re: A humble suggestion for Fedora

Arthur Pemberton writes:

> On 10/27/06, Timothy Murphy <tim birdsnest maths tcd ie> wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be nice if the Fedora installation
>> asked for some feedback ...?
>> Eg, "Did you find installation easy (on a scale of 1 to 5)",
>> "What problems (if any) did you have: None, Reading CDs, ...",
>> "Do you any suggestions for improvement".
> Why be so Windows like about it?
> My suggestion: Have one of the Python + Curses/GTK guys do up an app
> that takes the questiongs and POSTs them to a website of choice.
> Put in multiple levevls of questions: ie. someone a press for time can
> just do a first level of simple, general questions. Someone like
> myself willing to take some time to contribute, can go all the way to
> level X, level X having deeper, more technical questions. Have the
> Fedora Market,Legal, and Dev. teams choose the questions.
> And then just give the app a meaningful name, and drop it promintely
> on the desktop, so the user can do it if/when they want, and console
> only users can do the curses screen. And perhaps ask the use if they
> would like the questionnaire to remove itself from the system once the
> questionairre has been completed. Also, use the default fedora html
> pages to point out the existence of the questionnaire.
> That's it:nothing mandatory, no data collection behind the scenes,
> nothing that makes you feel like you may have added your name to the
> death squads list of the damned.
> If I didn't already have one incomplete Fedora project to finish I
> would do this myself.
> Peace.
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> Fedora Core 5 and proud
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I second this idea. The app wouldn&#8217;t take up much space.
can be run after any ( rare ) problems with connecting to the
net had hopefully been solved, at my own convenience, at a
technical knowledge level suited to my knowledge level,
Automatically getting a list of hardware / software installed.

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