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Re: POLL: Fedora KDE Users

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:

I'm just doing a survey on
1. what window decorator Fedora KDE users like
2. why they choose KDE

in hope that possibly these datas might be useful for FC7 :)

Again, this is not intended to flame wars, but to better know where to
go with UnleashKDE

''Fedora KDE users, why do you use KDE ?

	I like eye-candy desktops
	I've never used another Desktop Environments before
	I'm just trying KDE
	Someone advised me to.
	I don't know''

What a strange set of reply options! I doubt you will find anything useful from asking that question with only those responses possible.

(I should add gnome-window-decorator to the first poll too, since that is what you get by default with compiz enabled in KDE AIUI.)

I keep being driven back to KDE because I can't seem to get Gnome to satisfy my expectations, eg, Konqueror vs Nautilus Konqueror is for me much more powerful and capable (eg, multiple panes). Other people seem to use Gnome fine, I can't say it is rubbish, only for me that I can use KDE more effectively. Other people have said that Konqueror pleases people coming from Windows more, I can see that point too. How about adding:

 - I can't get on with Gnome
 - KDE provides more options and applets
- I find myself choosing k* apps (kate, kwrite), might as well use the desktop environment
 - ioslaves like fish:// rock
 - Konqueror beats out Nautilus


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