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Re: video devices

On 29Oct2006 16:55, Tanguy Eric <eric tanguy univ-nantes fr> wrote:
| I have 2 video devices : tuner tv card and a webcam. It seems the video
| devices (ie video0 and video1) are assigned randomly. I need to assure
| that my tv card is video0 and the webcam video1. How to do that ?

I think the trick is to put alias entries in the file
/etc/modprobe.conf. For example:

  alias eth0 e1000

associates eth0 with the e1000 driver (intel ethernet driver).
You need to find out the names of the drivers for your webcam and tv
card, then:

  alias video0 driver1
  alias video1 driver2

and then I think you need to arrange a "modprobe video0" and "modprobe
video1" during boot (might be automatic - you're hope so, eh?)

Note: This is what I _think_ you need to do. I am _not_ an expert in
this. In particular, I have a laptop where this doesn't seem enough, but
I have modified its boot scripts extensively so it could be my fault.

It is a source of great annoyance to me that there's no way,
apparently, to determine what driver is supporting what device.
If I could say "who is doing eth0 and eth1" to my laptop I could
work around the occasional swapping of the ethernet and wifi:-(
As it is, just last Saturday I hacked my boot stuff to guess the wifi
device by sniffing at the output of iwconfig - ick:-(

See "man modprobe" and "man modprobe.conf", too.

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