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Re: New experience with sound card

On Oct 29 magicus did spake thusly:

Aaron Konstam wrote:

The point is that the soundcard detection tool does not detect a
soundcard which it did in FC5, FC4, etc. etc and so forth.

I have an Audigy 2 card. Initial install of FC6 seemed to find it during
the sound card detection.  I could hear the sample sound and answered
the dialog correctly.  Subsequent boots show NO sound card.

Oddly enough this is on a dual boot machine w/ Windows XP Pro on the
other partition.  I can see and hear the sound card fine from there.

Even more bizarre is my main box running FC5 which has an Audigy 1 card.
FC5 complains that it cannot find the sound card.  I can play CDs just
fine.  If I invoke an MP3 file via XMMS it says it cannot find the sound
card yet I can play the same file in Mplayer just fine.

I would love to leave Windows behind totally (I run Linux on all 3 of my
machines, 2 desktops and 1 laptop) and the sound issues (and the fact
that my main music apps are not Linux based) keeps me from doing so.)

I am NOT a happy camper wrt to sound... (Everything else seems just fine).

I had something vaguely similar. There was a line in /etc/modules.conf that was disabling it after the clean install. Which was a bit odd...

So I removed that line, ran the detection app and then aumix to check levels and it was all fine...

If that doesn't work:

check the output of lspci, make sure it's showing up

Look at the output of lsmod, check you have a module called (I think) snd-emu10k1 loaded

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