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Re: FC6 Full Installation

Dave Mitchell wrote:
On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 08:07:58AM +0000, Andy Green wrote:
Yes you missed a few flamewars about the removal of this option ;-) Just tick everything (there is some button per top-level option IIRC that will tick all children?) it is a "quite full" installation.

You have to right-click on each group then select the "all options" option.
Very tedious (he says, itching to start another flamewar ;-).

Thanks for the precision... well I was not the only person to see boxes that have plenty of resources for their intended use (384MB) drop to their knees and start allocating swap when it came time to upgrade the package set, sometimes taking 12 hours to complete an upgrade. It seems that the core reasons for that are difficult to fix politically and practically. So there is a small additional consideration to adding to the installed packages.

(BTW yum erase *-devel before upgrade will help in the case you don't really need the -devel packages)


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