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Re: what partitioning rule am I not aware of?

From: "Ian Chapman" <packages amiga-hardware com>

Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:

Its really very irritating that they keep making disks bigger and
bigger and software never seems to know what to do with them :-).

Try parted. Make sure you make the extended partition go to the end of the disk and then fill up the space in between. Also, fdisk in Debian will allow you to go beyond 15 (I have 26 total on /dev/hda).

That's normal though, ATA/IDE disks aren't subject to the same limitations in Linux.

I remember getting rather annoyed at the "'oids" at RedHat when they
substituted a crippled fdisk for the one that works right. It still
leaves me annoyed even though I do not need it to be the full up
version except VERY rarely. (At least put in a commandline parameter
that says "I really know what I am doing so let me be "an ass" if I
want to. I accept the consequences.")


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