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Re: F8 ETA?

Rick Stevens wrote:
On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 19:11 +0100, Adalbert Prokop wrote:
Tim Alberts wrote on Tuesday 30 October 2007:

It's certainly not selfish if you want run production servers...it just
prompts the question (yet again), 'is Fedora production quality or just
beta test for Redhat?'
You question implies there are only those two options available, which might not be true. In this case your question would be inane.

I would neither assume Fedora being RedHat's *beta* playing ground nor would I use it for a server, which I *must* rely on. I use it as my workstation OS and for my home server - I think that was the goal of Fedora and it does it job fair enough.

Actually, Fedora _is_ the beta stuff for RHEL.  There is no RHEL beta
stuff...it's either RHEL or it's Fedora.  Example: RHEL5 is essentially
Fedora Core 6.

RHEL does have betas, go look at the list of mailing lists.

Of course, I look more at it as a "technology preview" rather than beta,
but I'm weird.

As you wish. Essentially, Fedora users are part of the test and evaluation program.



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