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Re: FC7 install on IBM 8-way w/ 16GB RAM

Rob Fegley wrote:
Question #1 ----------- So, I read in the FC7 relnotes that I may
need to run a PAE-capable kernel and am wondering if that will be an
install option or will I need to do an rpmfind or yum install or have
to compile it from a tarball?
'ow 'bout a yum list kernel*

Question #2 ----------- I am wanting to use an IBM ServerRAID 4M that
I picked up on eBay to run a hardware RAID1, but only find that it's
"supported" under RHEL3/4
Very similar to FC1,2/3 and forward releases might have the driver. Supported often means works, and we'll actively fix it were it doesn't; with fedora you don't get support {other than sites /lists like this}.

Question #3 ----------- Will running the PAE kernel from Q1 limit me
in any way from running Xen?  It's probably likely that I may run
into a licensing issue in having either VM scheme supporting this
much RAM or this many CPUs.
NFI, but don't see why it would automatically be a problem.

Love to hear how it goes.


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