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What use are these (rpm) entries in 'man'?

When I do a "man -k <xxxx>" on my Fedora 7 system to search for
documentation about something I get quite a few responses which have
"(rpm)" as the manual section.  These seem to be of little use becuase
there isn't an actual corresponding man page as far as I can see.

For example if I say "man -k doc" (not a very sensible idea given the
amount of output it generates!) at the end of the list I see:-

    tiff2pdf             (1)  - convert a TIFF image to a PDF document ugetrlimit [undocumented] (2)  - undocumented system calls
    xml2po               (1)  - program to create a PO-template file from a DocBook XML file and merge it back into a (translated) XML file
    xmlwf                (1)  - Determines if an XML document is well-formed
    xorg-x11-docs       (rpm) - X.Org X11 documentation
    yelp                (rpm) - A system documentation reader from the Gnome project

Now "man tiff2pdf", "man xml2po" and "man xmlwf" produce some useful
(?) output but "man xorg-x11-docs" and "man yelp" just say "No manual
entry for <xxxx>".

So what is the point of these (rpm) entries?  Do they somehow indicate
that there is some sort of documentation there, if so how do I get at

Chris Green

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