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Re: What use are these (rpm) entries in 'man'?

On Fri, 2 Nov 2007, Tim wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-11-01 at 14:49 +0000, Chris G wrote:
> > So what is the point of these (rpm) entries?  Do they somehow indicate
> > that there is some sort of documentation there, if so how do I get at
> > it?
> I would *guess* so.  You'd usually find non-man file documentation
> in:  /usr/share/doc/<name-of-package-probably-with-version-numbers>/
> You could always use the rpm -ql command to see what's included in a
> package, and installed where.
> [tim suspishus ~]$ apropos yelp
> yelp                (rpm) - A system documentation reader from the Gnome project
> [tim suspishus ~]$ man yelp
> No manual entry for yelp
> [tim suspishus ~]$ rpm -ql yelp
> /etc/gconf/schemas/yelp.schemas
> /usr/bin/gnome-help
> /usr/bin/yelp
> /usr/share/applications/gnome-yelp.desktop
> /usr/share/doc/yelp-2.18.1
> /usr/share/doc/yelp-2.18.1/AUTHORS
> /usr/share/doc/yelp-2.18.1/COPYING
> /usr/share/doc/yelp-2.18.1/ChangeLog
> /usr/share/doc/yelp-2.18.1/MAINTAINERS
> /usr/share/doc/yelp-2.18.1/NEWS
> /usr/share/doc/yelp-2.18.1/README
> /usr/share/gnome/help
> /usr/share/icons/hicolor/192x192/apps/yelp-icon-big.png
> /usr/share/locale/af/LC_MESSAGES/yelp.mo
> /usr/share/locale/am/LC_MESSAGES/yelp.mo
> /usr/share/locale/ar/LC_MESSAGES/yelp.mo
> /usr/share/locale/az/LC_MESSAGES/yelp.    ...[snipped]...

  upon closer inspection, any man entry claiming to be part of (rpm)
would seem to be just plain broken.

  typically, that identifier represents the section of the
documentation under which you'd find the man page, which would be a
subdirectory of /usr/share/man, below:

bg  fr            ja     man3   man7   pl.ISO8859-2  sl
cs  fr.ISO8859-1  ko     man3p  man7x  pl.UTF-8      sv
da  fr.UTF-8      man    man3x  man8   pt            tr
de  hr            man0p  man4   man8x  pt_BR         zh_CN
el  hu            man1   man4x  man9   ro            zh_TW
en  id            man1p  man5   man9x  ru
eo  it            man1x  man5x  mann   ru.KOI8-R
es  it.ISO8859-1  man2   man6   nl     ru.UTF-8
fi  it.UTF-8      man2x  man6x  pl     sk

  but, as you can see, there's nothing that appears to correspond to
the "rpm" section, which makes me believe that the "yelp" package
*internally* has something that (mistakenly) claims that its man page
is in that non-existent section.

  easy enough to check:

  $ yumdownloader --source yelp
  ... install, build prep, cd BUILD/yelp
  $ grep -rw rpm *
  src/yelp-search-parser.c:       /* RH man inserts rpm references into the whatis database */
  src/yelp-search-parser.c:       if (g_str_has_prefix (line[1], "rpm)"))

aha!  j'accuse!  without looking any further, it sure seems like
there's something there that claims to be affiliated with "rpm".  at
first glance, that would seem to be a bugzilla-able bug, but i'll
leave that up to someone else.


p.s. looking at the actual file list with "rpm -ql yelp" leads one to
believe that that package doesn't even *come* with a man page.

Robert P. J. Day
Linux Consulting, Training and Annoying Kernel Pedantry
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA


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