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Re: Network install FC7

bruce wrote:

are you saying that if you do an iso mount of the drive, copy the items to
an nfs share, that you can't then do an nfs/http install....

are you saying that http doesn't work in this case?

No, just that the *install* doesn't work. I copied the DVD to a directory available via http *or* nfs, and I was able to pull the stage2 file with either protocol and verify the md5sum to prove the download worked. But the install ISO, either version, failed to work, even though the download appears to have been correct.

Works like a charm to get the data to a machine, but the HTTP access shows that it tried first to go to /disk1/images/stage2.img, then just images/stage2.img. However the download does work, install just down't use it right.

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bruce wrote:
For my $0.02...

mount the dvd iso to create your own dir on your hard drive.. from here
can either do a simple nfs, or an http install... this assumes you have
space on your drive.

I think I said that http from the DVD image's content does not work.



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