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Re: Stuff

Hi Karl,

I know you've been on this list for a while now, but I'd like to remind you of proper etiquette when posting to this list.

The main problem is that you tend to confuse people - and when they get confused, they take it out with angry emails, causing even more trouble for everyone else. Well, I guess I can't speak for EVERYONE - but you confuse the hell out of me.

So, PLEASE, make sure that any new message that you write to the list is either: * a reply to an already-established thread of conversation (without changing the subject line),
* or the message is self-contained, preferably with a descriptive subject

The message I'm replying to is VERY confusing, and it takes a lot of time to understand what you're talking about.

> The update for Open Office arrived here and I tried to print in landscape mode and it worked just fine on F7.

Looks like this is in reference to an earlier message, "Bug filed on openoffice-writer 2.3.0 problem with Landscape Printing". If only you mentioned that message in your email, it wouldn't take me half a minute to realize you referenced a different thread of conversation. If this were a chatroom, it would make sense that people know what you're talking about - because like it or not, you pay attention to what others say. On a mailing list, however, a lot of people simply skip over the messages they have no interest in. Your message title is very vague but the contents is very specific. Since I have no interest in the original message, having to look through yours makes me feel like you just pulled a prank on me - something like "HA! MADE YOU LOOK!" That's just childish. Granted, some [angry] replies to your messages are even more childish... and there are lots of childish people on this list... but those are topics I'll leave for a different email ;)

> The Fedora web page in Red Hat says F8 will be available in 7 days. So get ready. My DSL Internet is so slow I may buy a DVD from CheapBytes.

This is neither here nor there. It's implied that the main topics of this list are 1) problems and 2) technical discussions. What you wrote is a fact, and it relates to Fedora - but it does not fit in the main categories. Therefore, the message is technically off-topic and should be marked as such. Personally, I would either put that in a P.S. of some message, or use a title like "[OT] Fedora 8 coming soon!"

I hate to repeat myself, but...
You're being very inconsiderate to people in this list (many of who are volunteers who are not in any way associated with RH). I'm sure you don't mean to be, but that's the way it appears. Please take care what you say, and remember - pen is mightier than the sword ;)

haha, couldn't resist :-D

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