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Re: answer

Matthew Saltzman wrote:
> All seriousness aside...
> I don't use Windows that often, but what I do is this:
> - Set the HW clock to UTC.
> - Set the Windows time zone to UTC.
> - Set the clock in Windows to not auto-adjust on time changes.  You have
> to do this for every user!
> Then the Windows time display shows UTC, and Windows leaves your HW
> clock set to UTC.
> - If I'm booted in Windows and I need to know the local time, I look at
> my watch.
Yes, I should probably do that on the laptop. As far as the time
goes, I do have a program somewhere that will display the time is
different time zones. Considering that I boot Linux most of the time
on it, it would be a better way to go. Maybe when I upgrade to F8.


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