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Re: Cannot login after yum update

Stephen Pusey writes:

I am not sure if this is the right forum - but would appreciate help.  I did a yum update on November 1st using a development  Fedora 8.  After this I rebooted the machine (a leased server) and could not ssh as root.  I could access the site via webmin and by "re-enabling" the users I could then start ssh and other services.  I then rebooted and found that I could not login with either ssh or with webmin.  I currently have the server mounted through a gentoo CD.  However, I am stumped.  I think the issue may be with pamd - but everything looks fine.  I also suspect xinetd.  Looking at the messages logs I see a EXT-fs check was forced on the disk on a reboot.

That indicates that the disk was corrupted. You're boned.

There's no real way to determine what ended up being broken, without doing a more complete, detailed analysis. There could be any number of hundreds of differents reasons why your system is screwed up.

The easiest thing to do is to just reinstall.

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