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Re: [OT] Digital camara

I have no experience with the Lumix so I can't help you there except to point to what might be The. Best. Review. Site. Ever.


I wish a bicycle, car, computer etc review site as good as theirs existed. 

In general I agree with you that I'd rather go for better optics than a couple more megapixels.  I've always gone canon and I like this one for optics+megapixels for your dollar: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/Canon/canon_a720is.asp

Good luck.  To bring this to back on topic, doesn't digikam totally rawk?


PS Part of my reason for replying is that I'm hoping that Santa Clause is listening.

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Subject: [OT] Digital camara

Hi all, sorry for the OT, but as many people here have more knowledge
then me on this topic I'll just ask.

I'm about to by a digital camara and I was looking at a Panasonic Lumix
with 5MP and 6x optical zoom.

I tend to see the 6x zoom more interesting then having 7 or more MP, but
I'd like to know if I should go for more MP or stay with the good zoom.

Once againg, sorry for the OT.

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