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Re: gcc install/upgrade question

bruce wrote:

a basic question.

fc6 comes with gc4.1 . i'm looking to test gc4.2, and would like to have a
parallel dev environment so i have both 4.1 and 4.2.

i'm trying to find pointers on what needs to be done, to make sure i don't
screw up the current 4.1 environment.

it appears that all i need to do is to set a prefix dir when i do the
initial configure.

 --./configure --prefix=/gcc42
 --make install

this appears to place everything under the gcc42 top level dir. however,
what will i need to do to actually be able to hook into the libs/objs
created by the gcc4.2 build. what will i have to insert into my paths, or
rather where should the information be placed.. in the bashrc/profile

The standard way in this case is to follow the supplier's advice:FSF in this case. It should install to /usr/local, well out of your way and defined by standards to be used this way.

pointers/sites on this would be helpful. haven't been able to find a good
site that walks through this...

once i test 4.2, i'll just rebuild, and rewrite gcc4.1. are there any issues
that i'm going to run into when i do that!

If the versions are in different locations, there is no problem at all. You'd choose the one you want by setting PATH appropriately.

You could even contemplate a virtual machine just for the occasion: over there, across the room, I have a 64-bit system running F8T3 for just this sort of thing.



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