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Re: Iptables port 5353 -

John Summerfield wrote:
Steven Stern wrote:

5353 is used by Windows dynamic DNS. If you're not supporting dynamic
DNS on your local network, you can continue to drop/ignore the packets.
They're needed only by a DNS/DHCP server.

I don't think so.

Google combinations of "udp port 5353" "zeroconf rfc" "zeroconf" "bonjour" and "rendezvous."

I have it open, but then I see the occasional Mac. I don't think Linux (yet) actively uses it; Windows XP does not, unless one downloads some software from Apple.

I think Windows addresses the same sorts of problems with uPnP.

It appears that the stimulus for this is my daughters Apple Mac which sends and my computer tries to respond on port 5353. Her computer runs dhcp connecting directly via an ethernet cable to the wireless router since it is on her desk.

I guess then the question is if I open 5353 will she have access to my DNS? Is this an indication that her computer needs that access? Would it benefit?

It's simple enough to try it but I still wont know if it accomplishes anything.

I would think she must have access to the DNS server provided by Wildblue but it's been a year and a half since we set that one up and I don't recall what was done and I am lost whenever I use her Mac ...

Bob Goodwin

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