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Re: Iptables port 5353 -

Bob Goodwin wrote:
> I guess I need to continue looking into this then since anything that
> reduces internet activity in my present situation is a plus.  Wildblue
> has a "fair use policy," more for their benefit I suspect than for the
> users, that restricts the amount of traffic through their system [5gB
> up/17gB down/30 days] and I've been struggling to get this under control
> recently.
Running a web caching program like Squid would help more, as long as
all the computers are configured to use it.

> I have two dhcp users, the Mac and an XP, and another XP that has an
> assigned address on our home LAN.  The two dhcp's always seem to come up
> with the same addresses.  I configured the router to use
>  and the Mac usually comes up as 22 the XP as 24.  I can
> identify them by their mac addresses and that's the way they come up.
> Curiously in the router dhcp configuration I specified that the Mac
> should be and it gets assigned 22 while the XP was
> configured as 23 and it comes up as 24?
If you goofed up the MAC address when configuring the fixed IP
addresses, the addresses will be reserved, but not used. Systems
will tend to get the same IP address from the DHCP server. This is
because of a couple of things. The first is that if they connect
again before the original lease has expired, or if the system
requests the the same IP address and it is not assigned, it will
normally get it. A side affect of this is that if you configure a
fixed IP address after a system has a DHCP lease with a different IP
address, it will keep the one it has. You have to wait for the lease
to expire, or release the current one and ask for a new one.
(dhclient -r eth0)

You may want to add the system names/ip addresses to your hosts file
on the different systems, so you can connect by name, instead of IP
address. For Linux, it is /etc/hosts. The MAC probably uses the same
file. For Windows, it depends on the version...

Here are a few on mine. printserver is an Ethernet print server, and
brother is a Brother MFC-7820N networked all in one machine.    mary.infinity-ltd.com mary   printserver.infinity-ltd.com printserver   brother.infinity-ltd.com brother

As a side note, you can add "DHCPRELEASE=yes" to the
ifcfg-<interface> file to have the DHCP lease released when the
interface is brought down. This can be handy for laptops that
connect to more then one network, especially if the lease time is
longer then the time it takes to go from one network to another.


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