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Re: Iptables port 5353 -

John Summerfield wrote:
> I prefer to use my own DNS server; it works better, and is more
> educational.
Well, I have run bind in the past. I have done a fair number of zone
files, and had the usual problems of forgetting to increment the
version number once or twice. Currently I am running dnsmasq and
letting it read the /etc/hosts file. For a home network, with few
computers, programs like dnsmasq are probably a better choice. It
can also function as a DHCP server, or read the leases file of a
"real" DHCP server.

Even though it is less educational, running a package that combines
a DHCP server and a DNS server, and lets you use simple config files
are probably a better idea for a home network. It gives you  time to
explore other areas.

On the other hand, I actually enjoyed configuring bind, dhcpd, and
tftp. - I have even set up dhcp and Etherboot to use a second server
as the tftp server. At one of the LUG meetings, I brought along a
pre-configured server so we could boot Linux from the computers in a
computer lab without touching their hard drives. They could not boot
from the CD, but could do a PXE boot. (We could not access the BIOS,
but could do a network boot...)


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