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Re: [OT] Looking for a notebook

alan wrote:
> I don't think I have ever seen a laptop with a serial port.  Might be a
> few, but they would be industrial use type machines. (Does the Panasonic
> TuffBook have them?)
> You may be SOL.
They used to be very common. I have used several Thinkpads, and a
couple of Toshibas that had serial ports. But once you get past the
P-3 class machines, they get to be rare. For that matter, finding a
laptop with a PS/2 port is getting hard to find as well.

I have sitting here a Thinkpad I1500 class machine that Has 1
serial, 1 parallel, 1 USB, 1 PS/2, and 1 VGA port, as well as a
modem connection. Then again, it also has both a 3-1/2" floppy and a
CD-ROM drive. (Both drives in the machine at the same time.) When
was the last time you saw a laptop with a floppy drive?


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