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Re: Kernel snapshots and kernel versions

Fernando Apesteguía wrote:
Hi all,

I this video:

Andrew Morton talks about some aspects of the linux kernel. Near the
end of the video, he talks about how to contribute and he says that
both Fedora and Open Suse provide -linus snapshots of the kernel.

I couldn't find this snapshots. Could any of you point me to the proper place?

Fedora tends to follow upstream quickly so the new releases of the kernel are available in the standard repository. The development repository (Rawhide) would have the latest snapshots. Also refer


My second question is: How far are the Fedora kernels from the
equivalent Vanilla ones? Andrew says it's okay to use Fedora/Open Suse
kernels to report problems. Does this means that these kernels are
very close to the vanilla version?

Yes or atleast that's the goal.


This is not just for the kernel but for the entire distribution on the whole.



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