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Re: Kernel snapshots and kernel versions

On Wed, 7 Nov 2007, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

How the hell cant you sit there and type that lie?

You probably meant to say "can" there.


It is known goal.


Fedora hacks number of programs because certain code in them doesnt go along with fedora policy, even openoffice is butchered (ref: this newsgroup recent thread) not even going to start on the multimedia programs.

See the other objectives on why programs may have patches. Also refer http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/WhyUpstream for some exceptions.

I dont need to go read url's, the fact remains they are not entirely like upstream, and i doubt a patch to make it work on fedora thats not needed to work on others will always be incorporated into the upstream software, maybe some might, but most do not, and the stripping etc, so you cant sit there and say the "distro as a whole", its simply not true because it can not happen as you point out there are policy dictated exceptions.

Multimedia programs usually have proprietary or patent encumbered codecs are

snip, yes yes ive heard the bullshit all too often, dont worry tho, ubuntu has been running on test bed for a couple weeks and it leaves fedora for dead, i can see why its uptake is so popular, it takes 3 clicks to enable the "restricted packages" and voila! all mp3s and whatever else that fedora omits, but i got bored, because ubuntu has it all, im lost, i normally have to spend time d/l'ing and installing the upstream packages that are not butchered, since i dont have to do that anymore, i have more time on my hands :)

and since fedora8 wont have an option to do same, you along with the regular trolls who think they own this list may just see the back of me sooner rather than later :) So there soon be 8 less fedoras desktops unless fedora8 is so magistical but i doubt it ;)

-- Cheers

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