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Re: error, missing dependency, and it's the kernel

Tim wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wondering about something in general:  From time to time I get a
> yum error about trying to update something like an nvidia kernel module
> not being possible because there's no kernel available to go along with
> that version.
> Trying several different mirrors doesn't help, and I can't be bothered
> to go trying them all out.  I'll just wait a few days for things to
> settle.
> But how have they compiled their module for a kernel that isn't
> available?  Surely that's a bit chicken and eggish?  Wouldn't they be
> compiling against a customised Fedora kernel, rather than one from
> somewhere else?  And, if so, why don't we have the same one available to
> us?
It is possible that they grabbed the kernel out of testing to build
the module, so that it was ready when the kernel moved into updates.
It is also possible that some of the mirrors were out of sync...

I forgot how many complaints I have seen on the list about a
specific kernel module not being available when the new kernel comes
out, so maybe this is an indication of the non-redhat repos trying
to get around that problem...


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