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Re: [OT] Looking for a notebook

I guess you could just call a Dell rep.
He can give you Tech sup. where they can give you all kind of flavoured details. (even those not mentioned on their website)
I'f U'r in the US&A you might ask for the linux support of those models ;)

2007/11/7, David Timms <dtimms iinet net au>:
Joe Tseng wrote:
> I've been asked to look for notebooks for my office that have built-in
> serial ports.  We've already used USB-to-serial adapters and port
> multipliers with mixed success; we are kind of leery of using PCMCIA
> serial ports.  And we'd like to use these notebooks on the go so docks
> are out of the question.  Can I get the big OEMs to sell me a few of
> these or am I out of luck with them?
Another manu/model: hp compaq_nx6120 {superseded last year) and hp
compaq nx6320 {superseded a month ago,but might be able to still get
it}. Both have RS232 com ports.


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