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Semi OT: Subversion

Just a bit OT here... I'm trying to figure out whether I can do this with subversion or not: We're starting to revamp one of our websites, but are keeping the current one live and slowly push updated code out. Right now we have our live server and we have a dev server which is a mirror of the live one (or started out as such.) Is there some way to incorporate subversion into this process where our developers can use it such as:

a) They can check out files they're going to work on, then back in when they're done. But have it setup in such a ay that those files are accessible through the normal http protocol so they can look at it through a browser (as if they're just browsing a website, NOT browsing code.)

b) When we approve the updated code, a way to then push them through to the live server.

I know one can have a web "view" of all the files, but that's looking at the actual code (and this will still need to be available) however we also want the repository setup in such a way that they can view the actual site as they're working on code. And once we can approve the updates, someone (probably me) will then push the new changes from this dev server onto the live one. And on the live one, we would need a way to roll back if something breaks, however unlikely.

So, has anyone ever done this? Is there documentation somewhere that anyone can point out to me? Thanks!

   -- A

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