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Re: Please 'leak' Fedora 8

>> 2 minutes - it getting ready to start the installation.
>> 30 minutes - doing the installing.
>> 20 seconds - its post-install setting/cleaning up, then it reboots (it prompts
>>              you, first).
>> 1.5 minutes - doing its "first boot".
>> a few moments - me customising things in the first boot process (display,
>>                 time, etc.).
>> 10 seconds later, I'm logging in to a fully working system.  Then I
>> downloaded and installed a few other things.  

Mike C:
> The time taken to do the second step can vary a lot depending on the hard drive.
> On a modern fast machine with a disk with >7200rpm spindle speed and a good
> disk cache it can be about 20 minutes for the main install - but with an old
> 5400rpm drive with a lower speed cpu and slower fsb (like one of my old
> laptops!) it can be 2 hours! In that same laptop buying a new 80GB 7200 rpm
> drive changed the main install time from 2 hours 15 minutes to about 40 minutes
> - and the time was the same using CD install or using HD install from an iso
> image file.

My hard drives are old 5400 rpm ones, I think the bus speeds are going
to be more of an issue for some.  Though, granted, it's much easier to
put a faster hard drive in than change the rest of your hardware.

> In addition it is slower if you have less than optimal amount of RAM.

I'd imagine so for the RPM transaction checking period.  But once you
get past that, and are just unpacking RPMs I think speed is the main
thing than the amount of RAM, so long as you don't have a very small

> In that same old laptop I added an extra 512MB RAM from the original 256 around
> the time of FC4 and it also speeded up the machine very noticeably including for
> the install.

I didn't think it'd install on a 256 meg system, I thought there was a
higher minimum spec.  Out of other systems I had around, with prior
releases and other OSs, 256 megs would be the minimum that I'd put up
with in anything.  These days half a gig would seems to be the minimum
acceptable amount.  Unless you want a system that seems so slow that
you'd swear it ran on punch cards...

> Once you reach the end of the list in your posting I always also do a yum update 
> immediately - and if this is soon after a release it is fairly quick, but if it
> is month after release it can take an hour or more depending on download speed
> and how fast your system is.

True, I was only factoring in the install time in the "install
time,"  ;-) updates are yet another thing.

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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