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Re: Fedora 8

Konstantin Svist wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
After a few tests I discovered that the F7 boot partition was (hd0,5) and the F8 boot partition was (hd0,5). I tried to get F7 booted but no luck. I finally unplugged the god dam SATA hard drive, re-did the grub thing from the rescue CD and here I am back on F7 :-)

The Grub problem is because both boot partitions are partition 6. I will fix this tomorrow.

Do you mean grub.conf was messed up (and pointed both installs to (hd0,5))?
No! F7 is on an ide hard drive. F8 is on a SATA hard drive. But alas, the boot partitions are both (hd?,5) and with my odd BIOS F7 was never selected. I will have to move boot to another partition on either hard drive. Then see if it works.

Oh, okay - that's not so bad then :)
Grub is supposed to see one of the drives as (hd0) and another one as (hd1). These correspond to physical drives. If you have more than 2 physical drives, it might be (hd2), etc... If you used the BIOS to switch between drives (selecting primary boot drive), then grub will probably change the names around, be careful!

Yes the more I think about it, it has to be a BIOS changing. And I know it does this and it can be because of the strange way they handle a SATA hard drive. It really blew my mind for awhile. I was using # grub root and setup again and again.

I want to make F8 boot from it's own boot partition. I am doing that with F7-64 bit on the SATA drive and it works just fine. To get that seems to be the problem.


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