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Re: Fedora 8

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Konstantin Svist wrote:
Oh, okay - that's not so bad then :)
Grub is supposed to see one of the drives as (hd0) and another one as
(hd1). These correspond to physical drives. If you have more than 2
physical drives, it might be (hd2), etc...
If you used the BIOS to switch between drives (selecting primary boot
drive), then grub will probably change the names around, be careful!

What makes things interesting is that the drive order can change
depending on the boot device. If the BIOS defaults to booting off
the IDE drive, but you told it to boot off the SATA drive instead,
then when you boot off a CD/DVD, the IDE drive may go back to being
hd0, instead of the SATA being hd0 when you tell the BIOS to boot
off that drive. If you tell it to boot of a USB drive, then the USB
drive becomes hd0, the IDE drive is back to hd1, and the SATA drive
is hd2. (Actually BIOS drives 80, 81, and 82.) The thing it, this is
not Grub (or LILO) doing something, this is the BIOS changing
things. Because the installer creates the Grub configuration file
based on the drive mapping during install, it doesn't always get
things right when you booted off a CD/DVD.
Here is a problem. I looked for away to get the loader to make a grub with the setup on the boot partition but could not find a way to do that. On reflections now, what I should have done was not let the loader mess with grub. It is easy to fix from a rescue DVD.

 The drive mapping the
BIOS is using when you do that may not be the mapping when you boot
off another device.

   I think that is it exactly.
Because the installer has no way to tell if the current drive
mapping is the normal mapping, it is up to the user to verify, and
correct as necessary, the drive mapping being used. This is also why
partition and volume labels are used by default - that way, once you
have fixed the boot loader's configuration file, Linux can boot
without changes. But if you are doing more then one Linux install,
pick good labels instead of using the default ones. This is also a
good idea if you expect to move the drive to another system for
repair, data recovery, etc...

Yes the fstab on F8 has labels the loader used. I do need to make them more detailed.

   Also left selinux in full force. No problems yet that I know of.



	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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