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Re: /etc/rpm/platform for 64bits?

André Costa wrote:
Hi all,

my system is an Intel Core 2 Duo, and I installed x86_64 version of
Fedora 7 from scratch, but my /etc/rpm/platform has:


I've read in a lot of places on the net suggestions that it should contain:


So, should I change it?

"ia32e" was the code name Intel was using for their version of AMD64
before they finally settled on the name "EM64T". Since they already used IA64 for Itanium, they couldn't call their 64bit AMD64 clone
IA64, and I don't think they wanted to really emphasize their AMD64
clone at the expense of IA64 sales. IMHO, the "ia32e" name was just a marketing ploy intended to dumb down the whole idea of a 64bit extension to ia32, which the eventually decided to change. That's just personal conjecture though.

Not sure why that's present in the platform file though either. I would think it would be "em64t" if using anything Intel specific.

Mike A. Harris

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