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Re: Selinux fun

on 11/8/2007 8:16 PM, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>    On F8 I left selinux set up as protection. Today I was d/l the many 
>> files needed to support the VLC viewer. I got a selinux message saying 
>> it was not allowing certain files to be installed. That is when I turned 
>> off selinux.
>> How can anyone be expected to use this software when it screws up 
>> everything your trying to do?
> Install 'setroubleshoot', that makes it a breeze.  If you find any real 
> bugs in the default SElinux policies, be sure to file a bug report in 
> bugzilla against "selinux-policy" so that it gets fixed in the next 
> update.  The SElinux folk are pretty responsive these days with updates.

Ah. Come on. When someone/something stops you from shooting yourself, or
being shot, what would your do? Me? I would remove the armor. Reload the
pistol. Unlock the doors and leave the windows open.



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