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Re: Excessive bounces on this list

Simon Slater wrote:
On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 17:45 +1000, Simon Slater wrote:
somewhere, and use that for receiving list mail.  Otherwise, you'd
to try and convince your ISP to lift their game (good luck with
        Another half an hour on their queue!  Anyone recommend a good
ISP in
Australia?  We are currently thinking about going ADSL since it is now
available where we are.  A plan including 10 email adresses and enough
download for Fedora ISOs would be great.  I would like to get into
testing new releases.

I've had a reply from the ISP.  For them to investigate they need:
"We need you to request the bounce back email they have received or the
full error message they have received while trying to send you mail."
How do I get that information?

Good luck.

If appt is any good, they should be able to get the info they need from their own logs.

I don't know anything about aapt, my concern with them has always been that it's a news service with a good network, that they decided to leverage for extra business. It's still a news service though.

I should also mention iiNet's good, and if you're a business you really should check them out. A couple of good points:
1. You can buy shares - see IIN.
2. If you write to The Boss (Michael Malone), he's write back. If you have a problem, he'll detail someone to fix it. No mucking about.
3. MM is a geek who happens also to be a good businessman.

research websites. Look for what to do when things go wrong. iiNet has an escalation procedure, and it ends with Michael.

Oh, it's not a discount operation. They set their prices and stick to them. They also tend to lead the way with new technology. Check the ASX for iiNet's reports, some of them are quite interesting.



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