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Re: Gripes, gripes: F8 Live, F8 DVD, i6000

Alexander Volovics wrote:
Installing F8 on a Dell i6000 laptop:

1) Using the DVD:

   The install comes no further than 'running /sbin/loader'
   and then stops. Nothing happens anymore.
   This is a curious regression from F8 test 3 where I had no
   such problems!

   Maybe this can be solved using one or other kernel parameter
   but then you have to go and search the internet for a list
   or have the kernel documentation at hand.
   A complete list with comments should be available in a README
   included on the DVD and a reference included in the Release Notes.

See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Bugs/F8Common and


2) Using the Live CD:
Here we have a really nasty omission in the Release Notes: The install from the Live CD seems to have changed.
   You no longer get the second stage 'postinstall configuration'.

You mean firstboot doesn't run? If so, that is not by design and you should be filing a bug report (I saw some discussions on firstboot not running if the network connected failed but haven't seen any bug reports filed yet) along with the rest of the gripes mentioned. Thanks.


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