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Re: [OT] Digital camara

Konstantin Svist wrote:
Bob Holtzman wrote:
What is needed for 11x14?

If you know in advance that you're going that big (or bigger), don't use a digital camera. Use a lower-end digital camera to take a snapshot, find the settings you like by taking a few shots (the main appeal of digital cameras is instant feedback), then use an analog camera with same settings to finish the job. You can then get the film processed, printed and scanned onto a picture CD (here's your digital copy) and you keep the negatives which you can 1) blow up to a pretty large size, and 2) re-scan for higher resolution later on, if you wish to. All of this will cost less than having your digital photos printed out.

see http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/free-digital-camera.htm

With digital, I'd say you need ~18MP to get the same quality as you would with 3MP for 4x5.

I tried the PhotoCD method and I will stick with my dSLR. Images were compressed to much. I did a better job of scanning the images from the prints. Images were the right size to send to Uncle and granny but not for post work.

I have found that if I am taking a few really critical shots, I use RAW. If I am taking lots of shots, I will use the highest resolution of JPEG. This is more to save post work.

When you have 300 photos that you have to process, then using RAW is just to time consuming.

The issue of printing is one that bugs me. I have printed out only 3 prints in two years. The cost of getting prints done at the local store is quite low. All are using the same kiosks so this is a minor difference only covered by costs.

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