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Re: XEN kernel limits eth to 100 rather than 1000

Mark Hutchinson wrote:
Fresh install of F8.
With NON-Xen kernel ethtool eth0 shows 1000/full
With Xen kernel ethtool peth0 shows 100/fulll with support for 1000.

"ethtool -s eth0 speed 1000 duplex full" returns but does not change the speed to 1000. Stays at 100

If there something odd about Xen and networking gig?

I've never believed those numbers; I don't imagine the driver constrains the speed artificially. I would expect the driver to be believable, so if it claims to be an rtlwhatsit, it has to emulate the rtlwhatsit hardware, but is free to do it faster.

Why don't you actually test the throughput?



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