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Re: F8 - upgrading impossible

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Marcel Janssen schrieb:
> On Saturday 10 November 2007, Marcel Janssen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I wonder how F8 ever made it to a release.
>> I tried upgrading 3 systems and 3 fail to upgrade due to installer issues.
>> /sbin/loader issue (can be solved with some kernel options but it's needed
>> on all my systems which is a bit of strange default).
>> The worst though is a CPU usage of 100% at checking dependencies.
>> Is there any solution available for this ?
>> Reinstall is no solution to me, I'm looking for a way to upgrade via DVD.
> It seems the only way to upgrade is via yum.
> http://www.ioncannon.net/system-administration/133/upgrading-from-fedora-7-to-fedora-8-with-yum/
> One of my 7 systems is running this upgrade now. If successful I'll try the 
> other systems as well. It's just killing a lot of bandwidth...
> regards,
> Marcel


I upgraded using the deltarpms at http://lesloueizeh.com/f8/i386/fedora
it took me about 2hours and there it was my new shiny fedora 8.
This is the bandwith-friendly way ;)
I had absolutely no problems going that way (except the normal strange
behavior of applications getting updated while they are running).
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