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Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

David Boles wrote:

Do you know of, can you name, another distro where "Wireless" does not
"sucks"? Just curious here because I thought that this a Linux, in
general, driver problem caused by proprietary drivers and not just the
fault of Fedora.

I know that Ubuntu went to considerable trouble to get Ubuntu working well on laptops a two or three releases ago. I do not know the status of wireless on Ubuntu, but I suspect it's been better in other respects (power management, hibernation) on laptops for a while.

I know wireless on opensuse 10.2 sucks pretty badly, but I really can't say whether other distros do it better or worse.

Not knowing, I crossed out Linux and substituted Fedora.

In this case, I'm assuming working drivers; I have Atheros-based cards and I can get a working driver for them. Having done that, on Fedora, wireless still sucks.

And my statement is an observation, not an attribution of blame. Attributing blame just gets arguments, but anyone who extols the wonders of Linux wireless networking to a Windows or OS X user deserves derision.



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