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How to start for single-signon / Kerberos ?

I'm looking forward to ripping out the "Windows Server" installation I have, and replacing it with a Fedora box. I know this will be a long term project, but I know where I want to start. The first thing I want to do is create a single-signon ...um... server, so that my user identities are the same across boxes. What I want is Kerberos and Fedora Directory Server (FDS), right? I know almost nothing about Kerberos , the man pages are not task based, and, I have not found a relevant HOWTO. I've found very old docs on editing /etc/krb5.conf, but nothing specific for Fedora, and it's packages.

The FDS wiki assumes Kerberos is already set up, quote:
"You need a key for the LDAP service, an appropriate SASL mapping for GSSAPI, and the cyrus-sasl-gssapi package. FDS uses the cyrus-sasl package to interface to Kerberos"

I don't know how to use these packages. Is there a good tutorial/overview for this? 


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