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Re: upgrading from F7 to F8

I am reporting the same problem: the Fedora 8 installer hangs during the F7->F8 upgrade at "Checking dependencies in packages selected for installation...". This is happening to me at 26% mark (you can see the progress when making your upgrade in the text mode). I tried it several times, both in graphical and text modes. The hang is always occurring at exactly the same place.

Having read other people's comments I once allowed the installer to run uninterrupted for a very long time. To no avail: it was hanging at the usual place for OVER 3 HOURS!

I already spent on this 9 hours with no result.

Checking the anaconda.log (CTRL-Alt-F2 to get to the shell prompt, then executing `less /mnt/var/anaconda.log') did not reveal anything really unusual. Executing occasionally `ps -Af' from the shell prompt revealed that `/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/anaconda -m cdrom: //scd0:/mnt/source --graphical --selinux' was utilizing CPU anywhere from 85% to 98%.

My laptop is IBM Thinkpad A31p with 1.7GHz Pentium 4.

Like Antti, I NEVER had this problem before, and I always have been upgrading, never making fresh installs, all the way from Red Hat 7.3 through Red Hats 8, 9, and, subsequently, all the Fedora Core releases until F7. The upgrades itself were always successful. Any problems were post-installation problems: they were appearing later, in actual use of the newly upgraded OS, or when I had to fix the X server in order to be able to boot into a graphical mode(the latter happened only once, as a result of F5->F6 upgrade).

Moreover, I made the F6->F7 upgrade only about a month ago, and since then I have added just a few minor packages, all from standard Fedora depositories. Therefore, I consider what is happening to be totally abnormal (in other words, a bug in some upgrade script).

If you are experiencing the same problem, please report! If the installer eventually gets out of perpetual "Checking dependencies", please tell us how long did it take (you should be able to gain this information from anaconda.log).

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