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Re: Excessive network traffic -

John Summerfield wrote:
Scott van Looy wrote:
Today Bob Goodwin did spake thusly:

ithout internet?  But
that doesn't define/identify the problem.

Run the spyware detection stuff at www.prevx.com on the XP machine, see if there's any spyware. Often spyware can be a cause of mystery bandwidth stealing

really, you need to measure the problem (mrtg) to help decide what the problem is. Microsoft's malware removal kit it worth running for reasons unconnected to this problem, and may well help, but until you know whether the kids (or someone else) is deliberately doing it, even possibly without knowing it, you won't know whether it's fixed.

AT last I have an ethernet hub connected between the Wildblue satellite receiver and the router, 50 ft. of cable snaking through the house to an old Gateway 450 mHz computer running F7 and I have been looking at "iptraf" for about 18 hours now trying to make some sense of what I'm seeing.

I hope it is getting everything transferred through eth0! So far I don't see enough activity to justify our high traffic indications but I have had both Windows computers disconnected from the LAN while the users are off on a camping trip.

This morning I installed MRTG but despite the documentation I have not been able to get it to display anything except :

ERROR: Mrtg will most likely not work properly when the environment
      variable LANG is set to UTF-8. Please run mrtg in an environment
      where this is not the case. Try the following command to start:

env LANG=C /usr/bin/mrtg -----------------------------------------------------------------------

and then:


env LANG=C /usr/bin/mrtg
Usage: mrtg <config-file>

mrtg-2.15.1 - Multi Router Traffic Grapher

Copyright 1995-2006 by Tobias Oetiker
Licensed under the Gnu GPL.

If you want to know more about this tool, you might want
to read the docs. You can find everything on the
mrtg website:



Can someone suggest what I need to put in the config file to view everything happening on eth0? I have not yet put anything in config.


Bob Goodwin


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