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0-length files in NFS V3, FC6, FC7

This was not a problem in Fedora Core 4,
and became a problem in FC5, FC6, and FC7.

Could not get NFS V4 to work under FC6 after a day of fighting it,
so we use NFS V3, as we have been since the days of Redhat 6.0.

and the Linux NFS server is

with /etc/exports:
/usr2/common    *.local(rw,no_root_squash)

6 other Linux hosts mount the partition:
nfs.local:/usr2/common  /home/common    nfs rsize=16384,wsize=16384,timeo=14,intr

Many files are updated on the partition daily via ftp.  Often, after
being updated, the new file lives for awhile, then becomes a zero-length
file with the previous mtime on it.  This is a very serious problem for
us because the files that are being zeroed are being shared by multiple
hosts running multiple websites.  The file type does not seem to have
anything to do with it, as we have observed the effect on shell scripts,
perl scripts, javascript source, and image files.  Network is 100Mb

My guess is that when V4 support was added to NFS, V3 code was broken.

Todd Merriman 

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