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Re: Excessive network traffic -

Tim wrote:
On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 11:33 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
    cfgmaker [options] [community ]router [[options]
[community ]router ...]

I can probably muddle through the options with a few trials but I am lost with "community ]router"

My router is known only as but I'm looking at the output
of the Wildblue receiver/modem and don't know how to address this
except as eth0 on box10, the computer in which mrtg resides.

A very brief synopsis:

"Router" in the "community router" string being the address of the
router, if you were going to have MRTG plot traffic through a router.
The "community" part being the name for the group of SNMP information
provided from the router.

In my case, it's public router, as the router is making some information
about it's operation available, when asked for the "public" data.  I set
up the configuration file by running the cfgmaker command followed by
the public router string.  Then did a bit of tweaking to the
configuration file it created for me (some things didn't work, there was
some duplication, and I wanted to customise things).

On more elaborate gear, it might have one set of data available to
anybody who queries public router, and other information might be
available with a different community name.

If your router isn't accessible by a hostname, then use the IP, or add
information to your resolver to allow the hostname to be associated with
the IP (could be done using the hosts file, or DNS).

Ok, but I am not trying to look at the router output I need an address for the Wildblue supplied receiver/modem device and I don't know hos to address that or even find it's address.

If I do an ifconfig it just gives me the address of the computer and a hardware address which I assume is the ethernet NIC. But none of this pertains to the Wildblue "modem."

I am lost ...

IPTraf is happy with root box10, could that be where I need to tell mrtg to go? I just want to view all the data on eth0.

Bob Goodwin

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